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Sacred Tension: The Werewolf Trials with Zee Kay

In this episode of Sacred Tension, I speak with Satanic sociologist Zee Kay about the little-known history of the Werewolf Trials and what they tell us about human nature.

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Suggested reading from Zee:

Jay M Smith – Monsters of the Gevaudan: The Making of a Beast:

Rolf Schulte – Man as Wolf: Male Witches in Central Europe:

Matthew Beresford – The White Devil: The Werewolf in European Culture:

Willem de Blecourt – Werewolf Histories:

And of course the obligatory scholarly articles:

De Blécourt, W. (2007). “I would have eaten you too”: Werewolf Legends in the Flemish, Dutch and German Area. Folklore, 118(1), 23-43.

De Blecourt, W. (2007). A journey to hell: reconsidering the Livonian” werewolf”. Magic, Ritual, and Witchcraft, 2(1), 49-67.

Metzger, N. (2013). Battling demons with medical authority: werewolves, physicians and rationalization. History of psychiatry, 24(3), 341-355.

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