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Pumpkin Contest Details

How to Participate

Step 1: Obtain a suitable gourd for carving

Step 2: Carve the gourd in a decorative fashion

Step 3. Submit a photo of your carved masterpiece to the Rock Candy Discord pumpkin-carving channel along with a caption.

Pumpkin Carving Contest Rules

1. All participants must adhere to the rules of the Rock Candy Discord server

2. Only one entry per contestant 3. NSFW entries are not allowed

4. All entries must contain a caption

The contest will be open October 1st - 23 and the winners will be announced on Friday October 30th.


3rd Place: Jack-O-Lantern Trophy & Rock Candy Beanie

2nd Place: Jack-O-Lantern Trophy, Rock Candy Beanie, Tee Shirt, & Basic Glitches on Vinyl

1st Place: Unicorn Trophy, Rock Candy Beanie, Tee Shirt, plus Rad Science & Basic Glitches on Vinyl

Additionally, all three winning pumpkins will be featured on Rock Candy social media! Happy Carving!

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