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Magnified Pods: Pods From The Penalty Box -Episode 35- Element 101/Stereo Girl

In this episode, Andrew and John are introspective, today and always. But first, a match up between Trader Joe's Sour Scandinavian Swimmers and the OG Sour Patch Kids. Then, the "Make Werewolves Great Again" lyrics are put to music by Patreon Punk Brandon Kisner, and once again he does not disappoint! Also, the return of The Takes! Andrew and John discuss the new Beatles documentary, the Grammy's, and who decides what "good" music is. Plus, Andrew share's a trailer for an absurd movie that he watched with an even more absurd title. Finally, a track by track discussion of the Element 101 album "Stereo Girl." Album discussion starts at 1:31:25.



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