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Bubble&Squeak - Tender Gasp

1. Performance artist George Ferrandi tells us about intimate work that has emerged in spite social distancing

2. Four Voicemails from Peterson's Dad, Pete Toscano

3. A sound slice from an incomplete temple in Mexico

Peterson on Twitter @p2son

Logo design by Christine Bakke

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Bubble&Squeak is a podcast with uncanny sounds, funny interludes, and stories—most weird, many true. Created by Peterson Toscano. He mostly creates the show for himself, and his dad, Pete Toscano, who died in 2012

“The Bubble&Squeak theme song is Worthless. by The Jellyrox from the album Bang and Whimper. You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, of wherever you listen to music.” You also heard Aurelian by S.A. Karl. and Our Waters by Isobel O’Conner. They are available at Epidemic Music.

George Ferrandi is an American artist whose work ranges in form and scale from a simple gesture–like leaning on someone on the subway, to a giant spectacle–like parading with hundreds of people through the streets of South Philly. Sculpture usually plays a role in her work, as does humor. It’s often a collaborative experiment in story-telling, with participants becoming performers in the narrative or even creating it. George’s work has been presented at the International House of Japan in Tokyo, Abrons Arts Center and the Kitchen in New York, Cinders Gallery and Booklyn in Brooklyn, Brunnenpassage in Vienna, the MAC in Dallas, the Wexner Center in Columbus, the Harn Museum in Gainesville, Harvester Arts in Wichita, and Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia. Her projects have been supported by the Franklin Furnace Fund, Brooklyn Arts Council, Mid Atlantic Arts Council, Kindle Projects and Pratt Institute. She was a Japan-US Friendship Commission Fellow, and her Jump!Star initiative in Kansas was awarded a National Endowment for the Arts "Our Town" Grant. George was the founding director of Wayfarers Studio Program and of Cloud Seeding: Circus of the Performative Object. She currently publishes George’s Lovely Variety, a monthly newspaper of thoughts and drawings. George's Lovely Variety is pulpy and wonderful subscription-based newspaper featuring legit science, Covid-era existentialism and cute animals. Jump!Star Constellates are collaborative dreamtanks for organizations and institutions interested in collectively imagining the future. Visit:

Learn more about Peterson at

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