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Bubble&Squeak - Shits Brutal

Our show today comes in three parts

1. Poet Craig Santos Perez read Thanksgiving in the Plantationocene. It appears in his book of poetry Habitat Thresholds.

2. Mentoring Session #4 An original radio play written by Peterson Toscano for Climate Change Theatre Action. The play takes place more than 100 years in the future. Characters are Elder performed by Peterson and Younger performed by Max Currie. Max recently graduated from Emerson College, receiving a BFA in Musical Theatre and currently lives in New York City. Max Currie on Instagram @maxccurrie

3. The premiere of a new song by taXda. It is Undercover from the brand new album Kuvaka Muchina. Look for it on Spotify or wherever you stream music. Smart link for the music

Peterson on Twitter @p2son

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