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Bubble&Squeak - Probed Deepest

Our show today comes in three parts

Part one: A Voicemail from my friend, Jane Brazell

Part two: A Deep Dive into the World of Walt Whitman

and Part three: A sound slice of an outdoor fire with my cousin Dennis.

Peterson on Twitter @p2son

Logo design by Christine Bakke

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Bubble&Squeak is a podcast with uncanny sounds, funny interludes, and stories—most weird, many true. Created by Peterson Toscano. He mostly creates the sow for himself, and his mother-in-law, Dee Retief.

“The Bubble & Squeak Theme song is Worthless by The jellyrox from the Bang and a whimper album. You also heard "Moody 1" and th "Vape Juice" and they were composed by Scott Cary, who also helms Brat Sounds.

Learn more about the film, Ringolevio, see trailers, still photos and more. Visit

You can find all this music on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to music.

Learn more about Peterson at

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