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Bubble&Squeak: Club Together

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Part one: Irish author, Shirley Anne McMillan on LGBTQ students, integrated schools, and the role of storytelling in the peace process.

Part two: Kyle, an earnest praise and worship leader begins hour 23 of a 24 hour marathon to silence the devil and his own fears.

Part three: a sound slice Berlin, Germany.

Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast app or in the player below.

Peterson on Twitter @p2son

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Bubble&Squeak is a podcast with uncanny sounds, funny interludes, and stories—most weird, many true. Created by Peterson Toscano and for his friend Jane Brazell, who is no longer alive but still very much with him

Peterson would like to thank "my travel and life companion Glen Retief for the Sound Slice inspiration"

Thanks Matt Langston for providing Kyle a holy track. And thanks to Shirley Anne McMillan. Check out her books—The Unkowns, Every Sparrow Falling, and A Good Hiding. They are published by Atom Books. Visit her website

“The Bubble & Squeak Theme song is Worthless by The jellyrox from the Bang and Whimper album. You also heard Book of Secrets from the Sugar Fist album by Eleventyseven

You can find all this music on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to music.”

Learn more about Peterson at

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