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Bubble&Squeak: Anal Thermometer

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Part one: An eye witness report from Rev Nancy Wilson. She was on the front lines of the HIV/AIDS Crisis. How is Covid-19 similar to HIV/AIDS? How is it profoundly different?

Part two: A Series of Voice mails from Sebastian at the Coronavirus Rapid Response Center.

Part three: a Sound Slice: Moments before a classical concert at Susquehanna University on the cusp of a global pandemic. January 24, 2020.

Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast app or in the player below.

Peterson on Twitter @p2son

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Bubble&Squeak is a podcast with uncanny sounds, funny interludes, and stories—most weird, many true. Created by Peterson Toscano and for his friend, Jennifer O'Brien.

Our theme song is Worthless by The Jellyrox from the Bang & Whimper album. You also heard two songs by ElevetySeven. Kick the Habit from their RadScience album and Birthrite from Basic Glitches. You can find this music on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you listen to music.” During Dr. Wilson’s HIV/AIDS talk you heard music from Skaj Da Waidah, Sean Pope Domeneko, and J Buckner.

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