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Blessed Are The Binary Breakers: Transgender Mental Health

Trans persons experience drastically higher rates of mental illness and suicide attempts - when they are denied support and safety. In this episode, five trans and/or nonbinary persons of faith share their own mental health journeys, that move them from harmful theology to discovering God's deep love for them; and from isolation or hostility into relationships where they are embraced for all that they are.

CONTENT WARNING for discussions of suicide ideation & suicide attempts and brief mentions of self harm; as well as mentions of non-LGBT affirming ideologies.

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(0:00 - 9:00) Statistics & studies surrounding transgender mental health; Avery discusses how mental illness is higher in trans populations because of lack of support, not because of sin or brokenness.

(9:01 - 15:34) Solaris Baldwin discusses how their suicide ideation stemmed from lack of options, and tells the story of how God sent two strangers to save their life.

(15:35 - 23:18) Avery and Solaris discuss how prevalence of illness is not because of sin, how community helps; they then discuss how these experiences can help us develop greater compassion for others and God's presence in the midst of suffering.

(23:19 - 25:43) Raphael shares their experiences with schizoaffective disorder, suicidality, and God's protection in the midst of it all.

(25:44 - 33:53) Alex Birchnell tells of their journey from anxiety and uncertainty into a life of love and purpose as the president of Queer Christian Family Values.

(33:54 - 39:52) Lavii has always been queer, Christian, AND proud, even while struggling with family homophobia and isolation at school; with the help of God and loving relationships, her journey is looking up.

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The theme song come from "Aetherium" by Leah Horn. Other pieces used in this episode are "Can't Find" by MotherHood as well as "August," "Dreamer," and "Knowing" by Jeremy SH Griffith.

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