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Blessed Are The Binary Breakers: The Transcendent Tale of Brigid of Ireland

Brigid's intimate relationship with a fellow nun is not the only queer thing about her — her story also transcends any one religion, period, or place. How did a Celtic deity of forge and hearth transition into a fifth-century Catholic nun? How did devotion to Saint Brigid extend from Irish immigrants to enslaved Africans in Haiti and New Orleans? This mysterious figure revels in interweaving apparent opposites, in justice for outcasts, and in...a heavenly lake of beer??

For devotees of many faiths, Brigid's perpetual flame continues to light the way to wisdom and holy joy. Fine the episode transcript here

Talking Points:

(0:00 - 6:00) Syncretism: the merging of multiple cultures and beliefs; introducing Brigid

(6:01 - 10:25) Brigid the Celtic Goddess — artist, warrior, and healer; three-in-one according to Celtic Imagination

(10:25 - 21:25) Brigid the Catholic abbess — a miraculous cloak, a miraculous abortion, and heaven's lake of beer

(21:26 - 25:59) Darlughdach, sapphic soul-friend; Brigid's syncretic festival and cross

(26:00 - 30:34) The perpetual flame at Kildare and global orders of flamekeepers

(30:35 - 34:25) Maman Brigitte, Voodoo Lwa of death

(34:26 - 38:05) Wrapping up: drawing close to Brigid the binary breaker

This show's theme song is "Aetherium" by Leah Horn. This episode also makes use of "Mod 4" and "Mod 5" by Jeremy SH Griffith.

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