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Blessed Are The Binary Breakers: Solaris Baldwin is Christian Not Out of Fear

Solaris Baldwin is a 21-year-old Black, genderfluid Methodist who first learned about Jesus as a watchful judge ready to throw people into hell. However, as they explored their identity and sought out community, they uncovered the God who does not will suffering but who suffers alongside us; who does not demand unquestioning obedience but desires our joyful efforts to emulate God's own love.

Join Solaris and Avery in a conversation about finding our people, wrestling with scripture, and letting go of fear in order to embrace growth and love.

Find Solaris @seraphic_sapphics on Instagram.

Listen to the podcast episode on Spotify, Podbean, Apple Podcast, or the player below.


(0:00 - 6:17) Lent as a time for openness and self-nourishment; introducing Solaris

(6:18 - 12:34) Solaris' childhood - white-majority Christian schools, learning that God is a watchful judge

(12:35 - 17:53) First school with Black classmates - don't recognize Solaris as one of them; first Methodist church - learns that faith doesn't have to be fearful

(17:54 - 26:39) Exploring identity - asexuality invalidated; trying out Islam, Catholicism, and....Juggaloism! - Searching for find a community & culture of their own

(26:40 - 32:15) University - connecting to queer and Christian community at last; coming to understand God as co-sufferer & Outsider

(32:16 - 43:05) Why fear-based religion doesn't work - the Clobber Passages, asking why, and hateful acts fueled by fear

(43:06 - 54:37) Solaris' favorite Bible passages; accepting growth and changing our minds as part of faith; taking on witchcraft and accepting that none of us have everything right about God

(54:38 - end) Wrapping up - visit Avery's instagram, Twitter, or tumblr for daily book quotes & reflection questions this Lent

For an episode transcript and more info about this show, visit

The theme song come from "Aetherium" by Leah Horn. "Can't Find" by MotherHood is also used in this episode.

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