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Bible Bash:Poet, Maya Williams: Judas and Suicide

In mid-August, Liam and Don were joined by Portland Maine’s Poet Laureate, Maya Williams. Maya is not only a creative, gifted spoken word artist and poet, they are also a suicide survivor, theological thinker, and utterly enchanting person.

In this episode, Maya shares their poem, “Judas and Suicide,” and offers us a thought-provoking and spiritually penetrating reframing of the traditional religious views of suicidal ideation and suicide. Maya, Don, and Liam then talk honestly and openly about this sensitive topic, as Maya offers us a glimpse of a God who is present in our suffering and accompanies us, rejecting human views of sin and drenching us in grace and loving understanding that the world is, sometimes, a hard place to be.

Before closing, Maya offers us another poem to consider.

Read about Maya and read Maya’s work at

Maya’s other text:

Curses, Suicide, and “Just Pray About It” “So the unclean spirits came out and went into the pigs. Then the herd rushed down the steep slope into the lake, and about two thousand were drowned in the lake.” Mark 5:13 NET I jump off and hold my breath. There on the hillside, a great herd of pigs was feeding. My father asks Can you focus And the demonic spirits begged him, on having fun today at the lake house? There is trouble in your spirit ‘Send us into the pigs. Let us enter them.’ Bubbles rev through my nose as I sink. My father says you can’t change the past. Jesus gave them permission. He never says that when I describe a positive memory to him. So the unclean spirits came out and went into the pigs. I want to keep myself from floating up. I try to I hold it all in so the lake can swallow me. Then the herd rushed down the steep slope into the lake, The coward in me returns for air. My dad affirms curses can be broken. Just pray about it. I did not conjure my depression. I do not tell him there is little to no correlation between prayer and wellness. I ask if we can go swimming again tomorrow afternoon. and about two thousand were drowned in the lake.

In each episode of Bible Bash Podcast, , Liam Michael Hooper, a white trans Bible scholar and Don Durham, a white, cis, heterosexual farmer, minister, and podcaster take turns presenting the text. They then discuss. In addition, each episode they present another text, a non-Biblical text of note--religious or secular--that may or may not correspond to the Bible text. In Trans-Forming Proclamation, Liam Hooper tenderly explores gender and the Bible. This book actually defies genre. With rich patches of poetry, memoir, and devotional, Liam weaves together inspiring literary insights with grounded, original, and informed scholarship. Trans-Forming proclamation: A Transgender Theology of Daring Existence is new wine in a new wine skin. It is Inventive, artful, and liberating. Available on Amazon and published by Otherwise Engaged.

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