Rock Candy is an independently owned and operated excuse for making and sharing content we love from ourselves and our creative partners. It is our small way of connecting to the world, and offering connection to those searching for it.


We’re a Recording Studio.

Rock Candy is a full service recording studio that offers production, mixing and mastering services. We’re passionate about helping artists make their recordings sound amazing. Rock Candy has worked with Sony, BMG, NBC & Netflix as well as indie labels and independent artists. We have an extensive history in the music business and love sharing what we know to help artists reach the next step in their careers.

We’re an Indie Label.

Rock Candy is an independent label that releases music we like from artists and creators we love. We also assist artist in securing digital & physical distribution for their releases, as well as international licensing to other labels.

We’re a Podcast Network.

Rock Candy is a coalition of creators who’s goal is to help facilitate and elevate our shared human experience. We value free thought, freedom of expression, inclusivity, open dialogue and above all, kindness and curiosity. We use our respective shows to express these values, which you can find here.

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